Uma imagem de Matthew Abbott. Épica e icônica!

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The devastation of Australia’s fires, in one frame

Words like “epic” and “iconic” get thrown about when it comes to describing photographs, but this image by Matthew Abbott is truly worthy of such description. Shot for The New York Times, the image is emblematic of the crisis facing Australia, and a grim forecast of what the world can expect to see a great deal of in the future.


My last day of the decade felt like the apocalypse. Been covering the Australian bushfires for the last 6 weeks, but haven’t seen anything like yesterdays fire that decimated the town of Conjola, NSW. #bushfirecrisis#AustralianBushfires#NSWisburning work for @nytimes

© Matthew Abbott for The New York Times

In One Photo, Capturing the Devastation of Australia’s Fires

Photographing bushfires is exhausting because your body is in overdrive. You’re perspiring, you’re constantly drinking, and you’re moving quickly and your heart rate is up. A lot of people think the big danger is being burned alive, but you’ve got to be very careful that you don’t injure yourself because of exhaustion.

Matthew Abbott, Black Summer

There is virtually no country on earth as dramatically affected by catastrophic climate change as Australia. Record temperatures and an on-going drought were responsible for 25 million hectares going up in flames, during the summer of 2019. The impressive “Black Summer” series, by the Australian photographer (born 1984), reports on the inferno from up close.

Matthew Abbott no World Press Photo

Parabéns ao Matthew Abbott, fotografias épicas e icônicas merecem prêmios! Muito justo!

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