O Brasil de Tyler Hicks

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Brazil has been battered by the pandemic, with the second-highest death toll in the world.

A New York Times photographer, Tyler Hicks, traveled the river for weeks, documenting how the virus spread.

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The Amazon River is South America’s essential life source, a glittering superhighway that cuts through the continent. It is the central artery in a vast network of tributaries that sustains some 30 million people across eight countries, moving supplies, people and industry deep into forested regions often untouched by road.

But once again, in a painful echo of history, it is also bringing disease.

Mas mais uma vez, o NYT mostra como se fazer jornalismo nesse século XXI, tempo de pandemia.

PS: Vale a pena ler os comentários na matéria do NYT, também conhecido por “The Old Gray Lady”. O jornal tem aparecido muito por aqui, mas para quem gosta de jornalismo e fotografia é impossível ficar sem ver a velha senhora.

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