Darnella Frazier e Rosa Parks

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Teen who recorded George Floyd video wasn’t looking to be a hero, her lawyer says

“She had no idea she would witness and document one of the most important and high-profile police murders in American history,” Darnella Frazier’s attorney, Seth Cobin, said. “If it wasn’t for her bravery, presence of mind, and steady hand, and her willingness to post the video on Facebook and share her trauma with the world, all four of those police officers would still be on the streets, possibly terrorizing other members of the community.”

Cobin said Frazier wasn’t looking to be a hero but is “just a 17-year-old high school student, with a boyfriend and a job at the mall, who did the right thing. She’s the Rosa Parks of her generation.”

George Floyd: The personal cost of filming police brutality

At that point, Ms Frazier could never have imagined the chain of events that her video would set in motion. At the click of a button, the teen spurred wave after wave of protests, not only in the US but across the world.

“She felt she had to document it,” Ms Frazier’s lawyer Seth Cobin told the BBC. “It’s like the civil rights movement was reborn in a whole new way, because of that video.”

E para quem não conhece Rosa Parks, o oráculo responde…

Rosa Parks became one of the major symbols of the civil rights movement after she was arrested in Montgomery, Alabama, for refusing to give up her seat to a white passenger in 1955. For 381 days, African-Americans boycotted public transportation to protest Parks’ arrest and, in turn, segregation laws. The boycott led to a Supreme Court ruling desegregating public transportation in Montgomery. In this photo, Parks rides the bus a day after the Supreme Court ruling in 1956. Underwood Archives/Getty Images

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When faced down by racist manbaby Jay Snowden at a Black Lives Matter protest in Whitefish, Montana, Samantha Francine pushed up her sunglasses so she could stare right back at him, eye-to-eye, even as he loomed over her with clenched fist and threatening posture. But she did not back down.

Samantha Francine

You inspire me, and you inspire a country

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