A Nossa História em 100 Fotografias

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The Most Influential Images of All Time

We began this project with what seemed like a straightforward idea: assemble a list of the 100 most influential photographs ever taken. How do you narrow a pool that large? You start by calling in the experts. We reached out to curators, historians and photo editors around the world for suggestions. Their thoughtful nominations whittled the field, and then we asked TIME reporters and editors to see if those held up to scrutiny. That meant conducting thousands of interviews with the photographers, picture subjects, their friends and family members and others, anywhere the rabbit holes led. It was an exhaustive process that unearthed some incredible stories that we are proud to tell for the first time, in both written stories and original documentary videos.

Impressionante edição! Beirando a irresponsabilidade vou editar uma fotografia e um vídeo de dois fotógrafos que fizeram o meu século. São os que mais gosto, assim justifico minha edição particular.

Country Doctor © Eugene Smith 1948

Nowhere was this clearer than in his landmark photo essay “Country Doctor.” Smith spent 23 days with Dr. Ernest Ceriani in and around Kremmling, Colo., trailing the hardy physician through the ranching community of 2,000 souls beneath the Rocky Mountains. He watched him tend to infants, deliver injections in the backseats of cars, develop his own x-rays, treat a man with a heart attack and then phone a priest to give last rites. By digging so deeply into his assignment, Smith created a singular, starkly intimate glimpse into the life of a remarkable man. It became not only the most influential photo essay in history but the aspirational template for the form.

© Eugene Smith

Clique na imagem para ver os vídeos.

Deixo um aqui…

There is no formula that makes a picture influential. Some images are on our list because they were the first of their kind, others because they shaped the way we think. And some made the cut because they directly changed the way we live. What all 100 share is that they are turning points in our human experience.

As James Nachtwey, who has dedicated his life to being there, put it some years ago, “You keep on going, keep on sending the pictures, because they can create an atmosphere where change is possible. I always hang on to that.”

—Ben Goldberger, Paul Moakley and Kira Pollack

PS: O ambicioso projeto da “Time” é de 2016. Verdadeiramente impressionante! Uma aula magna de fotografia.

A nossa história em 100 fotografias. Enjoy it!

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