The NBA is back

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NBA players took a knee before kicking off the league’s reopened season

Every NBA player who restarted the NBA’s season on Thursday kneeled during the National Anthem, wearing “Black Lives Matter” shirts.Moments before tipoff on Thursday evening, players with the New Orleans Pelicans and the Utah Jazz, joined by coaches and game officials, all took a knee.The Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers followed suit ahead of their game in Orlando.On some game jerseys, players’ names were replaced with messages, such as “Equality,” “I am a man,” “Ally,” and “Say her name,” sending a clear message in support of the social justice movement.

Los Angeles Lakers players kneeled during the national anthem before the game against the LA Clippers. © Joe Murphy/NBA

PS: O vídeo na matéria da CNN é mais curto, mas não consegui jogá-lo aqui na nota. Dá igual! Emocionante igual!

O hino começa lá pelo 2:15

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  2. […] The NBA is back […]

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