In COVID-19 Britain by Lynsey Addario

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‘I felt like the pandemic was being censored.’ Photographing the fight for life – and grief of death – in COVID-19 Britain

This photojournalist documented two little-seen front lines in the UK’s war against coronavirus. Her images reveal intensive care of every kind – amidst a pandemic close to every home.

“If you want people to respect the lockdown, if you want people to understand just how bad it can be with coronavirus, they should see the images.”

50 year-old COVID-19 patient William Ferguson receives care at the Royal Papworth Hospital, near Cambridge, June 2020. Since the coronavirus pandemic began, the UK’s death toll has risen to be amongst the highest in the world. Papworth houses one of the specialist units that care for the sickest victims.  PHOTOGRAPH BY LYNSEY ADDARIO

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