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Em Baton Rouge, Louisiana 09/07/2016

© Jonathan Bachman / Reuters

A Single Photo From Baton Rouge That’s Hard to Forget

It is a remarkable picture. A single woman stands in the roadway, feet firmly planted. She poses no obvious threat. She is there to protest the excessive force which Baton Rouge police allegedly deploy against the city’s black citizens. She stands in front of police headquarters, on Saturday. And she is being arrested by officers who look better prepared for a war than a peaceful protest.

Jonathan Bachman aqui

Em San José, California 30/05/2020

© Dai Sugano/The Mercury News

‘Stunning capture, heartbreaking narrative’: Netizens react after woman takes a knee during US protests
“Such a powerful, iconic image,” wrote a user. “This amazing photograph captures so much about the time in which we live,” another tweeted.

Dai Sugano aqui

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