Thank you so much, Mr. Parks

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Gordon Parks: part two – Muhammad Ali in pictures The exhibition, at Alison Jacques gallery in London until 1 October, focuses on Parks’ intimate and nuanced portraits of the legendary athlete and human rights advocate Muhammad Ali. Receiving unprecedented access to … Read More

Fotos e Não Fotos de Belarus

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Sites de notícia na Belarus ficam sem fotos em protesto contra condenações Fotojornalistas foram detidos quando cobriam atos antiditadura e punidos com 11 dias de prisão “Aqui deveria haver uma foto”, diz a mensagem reproduzida em vários espaços em branco … Read More

“Reading the Pictures”

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We read the pictures. Reading the Pictures originated in 2001 as a daily political cartoon on a lunch bag called BagNews intended to engage high school kids in the news and civics. In 2003, with the advent of the online blogosphere, Michael … Read More

No tempo do Kodachrome

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VSCO Went Full MacGyver to Create an Authentic Kodachome Film Simulation Last month, VSCO achieved a years-old dream of releasing a preset/filter that was based on Kodak’s iconic “Kodachrome” film stock. But creating the KC25 preset was anything but easy. In fact, … Read More

Como funciona a rede

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Siga as respostas A rede funciona assim… Pega-se uma foto qualquer que seja interessante e joga-se numa rede. Não importa o autor, não importa se é o assunto relativo ao post ou se é verdadeira. Não importa nada. Só importa … Read More

Das fotos de ontem

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Planes and soldiers in a patriotic, pro-Trump ad were stock images of Russians. The three sleek American fighter jets patriotically swooping over a battlefield in a pro-Trump ad that ran around the Sept. 11 commemoration were, in fact, from Russia. … Read More

Stand Up

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Hello there, I hope you can take a few minutes of your day to read this. During these tough times, we’re in this together. We just need to wear a mask-social distance, and try to make the best of it, … Read More

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