The NBA is back

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NBA players took a knee before kicking off the league’s reopened season Every NBA player who restarted the NBA’s season on Thursday kneeled during the National Anthem, wearing “Black Lives Matter” shirts.Moments before tipoff on Thursday evening, players with the … Read More

O Brasil e os EUA na luta antirracista

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‘Diferente dos EUA, no Brasil os brancos não oferecem seus corpos para a luta antirracista’ Pesquisadora na Califórnia, brasileira Marina Reis afirma que comparação entre protestos é injusta: “não se pode falar em apatia dos negros; resistimos, sim” Ponte – É … Read More

O Brasil de Tyler Hicks

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Brazil has been battered by the pandemic, with the second-highest death toll in the world. A New York Times photographer, Tyler Hicks, traveled the river for weeks, documenting how the virus spread. The Amazon River is South America’s essential life … Read More

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